The After School Theater Program

Each class is 7-10 weeks long with students meeting once or twice per week for a 2-hour class.   The curriculum for each class is based on the students’ age group and experience.  Choose the class that’s right for you or your student below!

First Stage

The First Stage class consists of students age 8-12 and meets on Wednesdays from 4pm-6:00pm.   It’s a fun, exciting class that teaches our younger students the basics of acting, character development and theater arts!

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First Stage

$160007 Weeks
  • Wed 4pm-6:00pm
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Center Stage

The Center Stage class is for students 13-18 and meets each Tuesday from 4pm-6:00pm.  Center Stage is focused on discovering the basics of theater and getting accustomed to performing quality plays in front of live audiences.  It’s a fun and exciting experience for actors and actresses to learn about costumes, performing and props….all in a fun, educational environment!

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Center Stage

$160007 Weeks
  • Tues 4pm-6:00pm
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Main Stage

This is an 8-week intensive for serious actors, age 13-18.  No previous theater experience is required.  These cast-members do our main show each year as well as various showcases.  The cast meets twice per week for 2-hour classes on all aspects of theater.  This is an ideal class for students who are considering taking theater arts in college.

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Main Stage

$160008 weeks
  • Mon/Thu 4pm-6pm
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