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Spark Up the Holidays with Instructor Ben Lundy

Now is a perfect time for the young person in your life to jump into theater with Spark! Spark's holiday class "Spark Up the Holidays" is beginning this week
and we would love to have you and your teen involved in our classes for this holiday season!

These new classes will meet on both Tuesday and Wednesdays, beginning this week, from 4:30 until 6pm and last until December 14th. This class is going to be so much fun and also such huge opportunity to, possibly, learn the most about the theatre arts and performance they ever have.

This class will be learning from and directed by Ben Lundy of Dothan Prep Academy while he teaches the strengths of improvisation through not only educational game play but also through the art of devising. Devising means all of the cast members will actually be creating their own unique show together by creating the characters, story line, and absolutely everything that
makes a great show! 

Then, at the end of classes in December, they get the opportunity to show their new creation to your friends, attendees, and family members in a showcase presentation.

Improv is one the the greatest strengths a performer can build. The art of creativity is fundamental to all performers of all ages in all productions and, improv is the best workout for that performing art muscle. The strength of your improv skills is directly related to the strength of your performing skills AND, it is so much fun!

This class is only $150 for approximately 10 classes, 3 hours a week from now until December and you will be taught and directed by Dothan City Schools' 2023 Secondary Teacher of the Year, Ben Lundy! Ben is not only an incredible director with us but one of the best school teachers you will ever meet. We are so happy to have him with us and you will love him if you've never had a
class with him.

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